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While designing a building, smoke control systems shall be considered as the most significant factor that protect human life. Deaths during a fire are mainly depending on smoke poisoning. Fire, due to its nature, can fill an area of 10.000 m2 with smoke within a few minutes.

Teknofan, leads the sector by always improving itself in this area.

Teknofan, brings new and permanent solutions to smoke control problems with new solutions and new system designs in this field.

All Teknofan Smoke Evacuation Equipments are being tested by recent international standards.

Advantages of Smoke Control System;

Most Significant Equipments of Teknofan Smoke Control Systems:

Smoke Evacuation Systems as per the Building Type :

Why Teknofan Smoke Control Systems?

Teknofan provides service not only for product sales, but also from system design until implementation control on behalf of the end user. Thus you will not be only purchasing reliable devices, but you will also see how secure the devices are being designed and implemented. We are providing different system solutions for all commercial, lodging or industrial buildings and for each detail of construction.

Teknofan designs cutting edge technology smoke evacuation systems as the result of long years of researches, technical experience and cooperation with international testing institutions contributing the system development.

Teknofan adds confidence to your project by it certifications conforming all required international standards.



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