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Active Chilled Beam Systems


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Active Chilled Beam Systems

Teknofan;has invested for a long period on energy efficiency and energy saving –which has been adopted as one the main principles in product development-, and produces the most efficient devices as the result of its RE-De studies.

Teknofan Active Chilled Beam Systems is also a result of this investment and RE-DE studies.

Teknofan Active Chilled Beam Systems can be used for heating/cooling and providing fresh air.

Due to its technological design, the secondary air being sucked from the environment passes through the battery by the effect of primary air nozzles blown from the internal nozzle channels and thus the hating/cooling operations is realized, and it is provided to the environment with the required direction angle by the inlet venturi.

For the system that requires project based design, all selections, design and critical calculation are being provided by our technical office as from the project phase until the implementation phase, and the system is implemented under our control in operating state.

Soğuk Tavan Sistemleri - Active Chilled Beam - from teknofan on Vimeo.



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