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Keeping pace with the developing technology and running after improvements have become the main task of all businesses. Since 2009 we, as TEKNOFAN, aimed to provide you the best services in ventilation and air-conditioning sector –which progressed significantly in recent years-. Our basic principle is to accompany you not only during material sales but also during the solution of all possible detail problems by our manufacture and technical staff experienced on ventilation systems, accessories and equipments. We are endeavoring to provide you better service by improving ourselves as per the changing requirements of the area.

TEKNOFAN; has taken firm steps since 2009 in creating its own products and technology considering the conditions of the market and competition. TEKNOFAN, which has increased its engineering power in this direction, made investments on human resources, composed cooperations, and provided laboratory and test facilities in order to rapidly accomplish the results. The results of these investments return as being able to design and produce our own products and as being able to benefit from the opportunities of expanding market. The RE-DE operations being carried out are directly relevant to the products, and their results are returning as operations making difference in competition of commercial products, dynamism of market and being followed-up continuously.

TEKNOFAN, that has empowered its production capacity and logistics network through the Eskisehir Production Plant -which commenced its operations in 2009-, has took part at the leading position as the regional production power and continues its investments at full speed.

TEKNOFAN, which is established in 2009, is currently employing more than 250 individuals and makes use of sub-industry extensively. As of today, it realizes export to 32 different countries as Romania, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Libya, Russia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ukraine, Croatia, Poland, Georgia, Greece, Egypt, UAE, Italy, Spain, France, Israel, Tunisia, Algeria, Moldova, Ireland, Serbia, Czech Republic, Iraq, Kosovo, Uzbekistan, Finland, Portugal and Hungary being at the forefront.

It is has the leading position in the sector on issues such as large logistics department, consignment and storage as well as the qualified production performed at modern production plants that are directed to automation and that decrease manufacturing defects to a minimum. As it is able to perform on-site delivery for many projects within the country, it organizes its logistics for consignments to abroad with the zero error principle.

Teknofan is at the fair of Ankara Sodex 2013.
Teknofan smoke evacuation fans successfully passed the stress test in England.
Teknofan started the Notification System in the Customer Network...
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