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Heat Recovery Systems

By the ventilation devices with heat recovery, the heat energy lost during ventilation is recovered by realizing heat transfer in between fresh air and exhaust air, and room temperature changes arising from ventilation is arranged. Thus continuous comfortable and clean environment is provided. In conventional ventilation systems there exists additional air-conditioner load from the fresh air. And in heat recovery devices, energy saving is provided by decreasing the load added on the air-conditioner system.

E-IGK model recovery devices allow being assembled within suspended ceiling due to low cabinet heights. They are assembled inside the suspended ceiling with suspension elements. Thus constructional and metal profile bases are not required.

Another feature of E-IGK model heat recovery units is the availability to be used together at single split, multi split or variable cooler flow rate systems which do not have fresh air transfer. E-IGK model recovery devices cover an extensive application area with 10 different models (250-4000m3/h).

Heat recovery devices have two different implementation forms as horizontal and vertical. Cells are being composed by using aluminum profile with the extrusion method. Profile cross-section has been selected specifically for this operation in order to facilitate assembly and increase resistance.

Aluminum profiles are being connected with aluminum or plastic corner parts whose strength is increased and which are again specifically designed for this operation. The use of these corner parts brings the following advantages:



Heating and Cooling Serpentine: Heating and cooling operations are being realized by serpentines. The pipe and blade materials of serpentine are Cu-AI, and the serpentines consist of seamless copper pipe and the blades consist of aluminum composing the heat transmission surface. The intervals of blades are calculated as per required flow rate and capacity. By the cooling and heating serpentines manufactured at required features and capacity, it is possible to condition the air at required temperature. In cooling serpentines the speed of air changes in between 2-3m/s and in heating serpentines it changes in between 2-3.5m/s as per request. Cooling serpentines are being manufactured with cold water such as 6/10,7/12,7/11 C or as direct expansion type, and heating serpentines are being manufactured with hot water such as 90/70,70/90,60/50 C. Moreover we also have electrical heater applications.

Filter: Washable (polyurethane) cassette filters are being used at heat recovery devices

Heat Recovery: HEATEX and RECUPERATOR brand -being among the best manufacturers of Europe- heat recovery devices provide the recovery of a part of the energy within the hot or cold air discharged from the area as benefiting from the temperature differences in between cold and hot air flows. Plate type is being used, and energy efficiencies in between %40-60 (as per weather conditions) are being provided. Thus, operating costs are minimized due to energy efficiency being obtained from waste heat.

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