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By the improving fan technology in aspirator systems, units that are more efficient, quieter and that occupy less space have been composed. By grouping the roof type and channel type fan units as per optimum flow rate and pressure values, it has been intended to find easier and faster solutions in project implementations.

  • Self Rotor Roof Type Fans
  • Roof Type with Radial Fans
  • Roof Type with Axial Fans
  • Rectangular Channel Type Fans
  • DM Series Channel Type Fans
  • Round Channel Type Units
  • Exhaust discharge is performed by suction. Roof type fans can also be used as domestic products at low flow rates besides the industrial implementations.

    They can be used at shopping malls, business centers, factories, ateliers etc buildings. And channel type fans can either be implemented as connection in between channels or can be used channel-end element by making discharge from the wall. The basic features of these fans –that are being used for the discharge of exhaust air in the environment- are ease of assembly, light construction, non-requirement of maintenance, silent operation and occupation of less space. As different from the roof type units, it is more effective when used at indoors.

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